No, we do not allow our drivers to enter for safety reasons. 
( we are in a pandemic) 

Yes, please do!


Only if you order off the flower and concentrate menu. If ordering from the pink menu the delivery is already figured in.

We do not offer “credit” or “loan” servicing. Payment is due at time of order delivery.


Coconut oil is in our Twisted Browniez, Twisted Goldfish, Twisted Cereal, Twisted Funyuns, Twisted Cheetoz, Twisted Cheese-itz, Twisted Pain Salve, Twisted Canna Capsules, Twisted Gummiez, Twisted Nutty Barz, Twisted Doritoz, Twisted Peanut Butter Cup

We are strictly a delivery service at this time. We can meet you at designated locations around town for delivery as well.


NO! We follow guidelines imposed by the state of Michigan that dictates we don’t sell to anyone under the age of 21.


As many as you want honestly.

Each adult of age 21+ with a valid ID may acquire 1 eighth, unless you want a combo #4 which includes 2 eighths for $100.


NO. Start slow, it can take up to 2 hours before you feel the effects. 


It’s a simple syrup that you can take off of the spoon or add to your favorite beverage. There are 15 different flavors to choose from.


We recommend our gummies because they are a low dose, that way you can get an understanding of what your needs are. NOTE: They can take up to 2 hours to feel the effects.


We accept cash on delivery or PayPal GIFT (UNCHECK goods and services at checkout).


Your confidentiality is our goal, our products are labeled and packaged but will be discreetly delivered in a paper bag.


The two main types of cannabis, Sativa and Indica, are used for a number of medicinal and recreational purposes.

Sativa’s are known for their “head high,” an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus.

Indica’s are typically associated with full-body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia.


At this time we are not hiring, but check back soon.

There is a $25 minimum order requirement. Long distance deliveries (contact for details) may require a $100 minimum order.


After you order and receive your total. We don’t send the orders out for delivery until payment is received.