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Hello! My name is Nina Kinney. I started Totally Twisted Treatz after my own positive personal experience with cannabis. In 2018, I had my third spinal fusion. I was unable to work and the narcotic pain medications they had prescribed me were not working. A friend of mine made me a batch of cannabis-infused gummies and a topical pain salve. The relief I felt was unbelievable, I had finally found a way to manage my pain. I came to realize that I could never afford this option as it was expensive and insurance did not cover it. I decided it would be my mission to create an affordable option for myself and others that were experiencing debilitating pain. I knew that before I could truly help people in our community, the negative stigma associated with cannabis use and its users would have to change. At Totally Twisted Treatz we take pride in our community. We give back as often as possible and encourage others to do the same. We believe that cannabis can bring the people in our community together for the greater good.

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